You will be floored by Floorco Flooring’s extensive selection of more than 20,000 options in carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone, green and exotic materials from leading manufacturers. All tastefully displayed, we have access to over 75% of the industry’s premium suppliers. Our classic to contemporary product offerings are designed to fit any lifestyle and budget.

Huge Product Selection

  • Carpet & Rugs
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Carpet and rugs are excellent for adding warmth and comfort to any room. Advancements in carpet fiber technology and construction are making carpets softer and more stain resistant than ever before. Available in a wealth of different fibers, patterns, colors and designs, carpet is one of the more affordable floor coverings with styles for every taste and lifestyle.

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  • Tile and Stone
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Ceramic and stone tiles are beautiful and durable. With a broad range of ceramic and stone tile types, colors, textures and many complementary trim pieces, tile and stone offer unlimited decorating possibilities.

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  • Hardwood
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Whether natural solid or engineered wood, we offer unmatched visual warmth and richness. Available in a wide range of color tones, species and finishes, hardwood floors can match well with a wide range of décor. With proper care, hardwood rarely needs replacing and actually increases in beauty over time.

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  • Laminate
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Laminate flooring combines natural-looking designs with a tough, durable finish and can be used in almost any area of the home. As laminate technology has improved, so have the designs, realism and planks of laminate flooring. Many manufacturers offer a range of colors in stone, tile and hardwood looks.

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  • Vinyl
ceramic flooring collectionsdiscount commercial carpetVinyl is a long-time favorite for its ability to resist staining and for its ease of care.

Thanks to great advancements in styling and technology, today's vinyl floorings offer a variety of colors and patterns at great affordability. Vinyl is a long-time favorite for its ability to resist staining and for its ease of care.

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  • Eco-friendly “Green” Products
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We now offer a great selection of green flooring options from many manufacturers. As we continue to become aware of our daily impact on the environment, green options for the home are becoming more important. Did you know that most flooring manufacturers are designing flooring with the environmental impact in mind? Whether they are using renewable resources to manufacture the flooring or making sure that it's biodegradable, manufacturers are finding innovative ways to make their products more eco-friendly.

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